Marcel Dadi at The CAAS Chet Akins Appreciations Society
“I want you to produce my next CD. I loved the work you did with Adrian Legg!” This was a few days before he was killed.
John McMcLaughlin
“I loved your Playing!”  After a Bobby & the Midnites show, In Paris, France.
George Benson at NAMM Anaheim 2007
“You and I should have done an album with Chet!”George Benson


Eddie Cochran Rock’N’Roll Weekend
Olympiad Leisure Centre, Chippenham, England
Friday October 1st – Sunday October 3rd
The ‘Blue Caps’ are heading for Chippenham! Yes in October, three members of Gene Vincent’s 1957 Blue Caps – Tommy Facenda, Dickie Harrell and Johnny Meeks, will headline the 5th Eddie Cochran Festival in an exclusive UK concert on Saturday, October 2nd at the Olympiad Leisure Centre Chippenham. Legendary guitarist Albert Lee will be joining them filling in for Paul Peake.

The theme of this year’s festivale will be to pay tribute to both Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent, very close friends, who had toured together all over the world in the late 50’s. It was in 1960, when Eddie and Gene were touring the UK together, that the fateful accident occurred at Rowden hill on April 17th.

Appearing with The Blue Caps will be guest artist Bobby Cochran, who will be here for his 3rd festival backed by three of the UK’s top recording and session musicians, and special guest Marco Di Maggio, who is flying in direct from Florence Italy with the Di Maggio Brothers for an exclusive performance. Brian Hodgson, former member of Matchbox and currently with Albert Lee’s band Hogans Heroes, will join the Blue Caps on stage as Guest Bass Guitarist.

Other artists include Tony Sheridan Jr.The Moonshine BoysThe WanderersRhythmboundHolly DayzThe Sugar Bullets and top DJ Wildcat Pete.

Mike Berry will return to the festival to headline the Friday night gig with his band The Outlaws, supported by the fantastic Dee and her Heartbeats, plus Chippenham DJ Richard Marsh (Fans of TV’s ‘Are You Being Served’ may remember Mike Berry as ‘Mr. Spooner’ and as ‘Mr. Peters’ in ‘Worel Gummidge’).

Mike is much in demand on the Rock-n-Roll circuit and is a regular performer at the annual Buddy Holly Birthday tribute organized by (Sir) Paul McCartney. At last year’s festival, Mike did a fantastic job when asked to join The Crickets for the show due to Sonny Curtis being unable to travel to Chippenham.

For More Information Call:
+ 44 (0) 1249 656350

June 2000 issue of BARRYS MAG
The Who, Stray Cats, Sex Pistols, Paul McCartney and even Cliff Richard are all artists that have, at one time or another, recorded songs that were originally recorded by Rock n Roll legend Eddie Cochran. So I was delighted to have the opportunity to review the album Private Edition by Eddies nephewthe very talented Bobby Cochran. Let’s face it, Eddie is a very hard act to follow, but I must admit I was very impressed with this album and it proves that Bobby is a star in his own right and I’m sure that his famous uncle would be very pleased with this offering.

There are some absolutely blinding instrumental tracks here, such as My Blues for Eddie and a Freddie King track called Hide Away which would do nicely as a signature tune to my radio show..(if I had one that is). There’s also a couple of really good country flavoured tunes that give the album a certain freshness, For The First Time being one of my faves’cos I’m a sentimental old fool. Cruisin’ 1-40 is a Bobby Cochran original and is a real hard drivin’ blues instrumental as is the excellent This Moment Without You which wouldn’t sound out of place on a Gary Moore album! And although there are about four Eddie Cochran covers, such as My Way, Twenty Flight Rock and the classic Somethin’ Else -which incidentally was written by Bobbys father Bob and Eddies girlfriend Sharon Sheeley, this is far from a rock n roll revival C.D.

But for me the most interesting cut is the last one Show Me, which was intended for Eddie to record as his next single release back in 1960 but sadly this never happened and the track lay unrecorded for near on 40 years until now! And that was written by Eddies co writer and manager Jerry Capehart (who also co produced this album). It does have all the hallmarks of a Cochran Classic and I’m sure it would have been. Bobby Cochran is an exceptional guitarist and with the inclusion of the late Jerry Capehart, this album is quite magical and could well have been titled Somethin’ Else!

Cherished Memories

The Blue Caps Debut at Chippenham 1999
Supporting the Blue Caps on the Saturday night show at Chippenham, Bobby immediately laid down his rockin’ credentials with driving versions of ‘Somethin’ Else’ and ‘My Way’. On ‘Route 66’ his excellent backing band were strongly featured: Gary Baldwinon keyboards, Brian Hodgson of ‘Hogan’s Heroes’ on bass and the tireless Howard Tibble who kept a neat beat for Shakin’ StevensLinda Gail Lewis and our very own Stu Colman on their recent UK tour. With Eddie’s versions of ‘Milk Cow Blues’ and ‘School Day’, Bobby paid tribute to Tony Barrett of Rockstar Records for recovering so many of his uncle’s rare performances. The latter was one of many moments when Bobby really got the Olympiad audience involved, singing the choruses with a smattering of Wiltshire style rebel yells. After ‘Pretty Girl’ Bobby reminded us how Eddie had indirectly brought Lennon and McCartney together through ‘Twenty Flight Rock’. The familiar rock n roll favourites continued to flow with ‘Sweet Little Sixteen’, ‘Jeannie Jeannie Jeannie’, ‘Great Balls of Fire’ and ‘Hallelujah I love her so’ – each guitar break was enhanced with sparkling fingerwork.

Regrettably perhaps Bobby chose not to give us a taste of his country side. He did include Willie Nelson’s classic blues, ‘Night Life’, before a searing re-telling of the story of Shorty and a city boy named Sam, with a heavy riff lending urgency to their race for Miss Lucy’s hand. Halfway through the 65 minute set he dedicated a song to his late daughter, Bree. ‘I Found a Love’ is a slow blues with beautiful lyrics. It allowed Bobby to give full rein to his guitar virtuosity, neatly complemented by Gary’s dexterity on keyboards. The tension built as Bobby stretched out the number, pouring emotion into his performance like the consummate artist and loving father he is. The Chippenham crowd recognised this and responded in full measure.

After this he could no wrong and kept up a relentless pace with ‘Summertime Blues’ and a medley of ‘La Bamba/Oh Boy/ Willie and the Hand Jive’. He promoted some good audience participation with the last item, before storming into ‘Johnny B.Goode’ and ‘What’d I Say’. As the jiving became ever more frenetic on the packed dance floor, the climax arrived with a nod to the Beatles’ rock n roll legacy on ‘I Saw her Standing There’. The only possible encore was ‘C’mon Everybody’ and Bobby delivered it with all the drive and adolescent joy of the original cut. ‘He’s a better guitarist than Eddie’ said the guy behind me. Sure, and thankfully he has had another 25 years to perfect his art. He’s also an accomplished performer at the height of his powers who brilliantly embellished another great Eddie Cochran Weekend.

Barry Holley
‘Now Dig This’
The 100% Rock ‘N’ Roll
Monthly magazine.

The Crickets’ Debut at Chippenham 1998
“The presence of Buddy Holly’s old friends and the 60th birthday of Eddie Cochran made the fourth annual rock n roll weekend in this Wiltshire market town very special. As usual there was a solid 12 hours of music at the Sports Hall on the Saturday. It was packed when Darrel Higham and the Enforcers came on stage at 8 pm. They reminded us that the Cochran rockabilly tradition is in safe hands.

Then came Eddie’’s nephew, Bobby, an experienced session guitarist who is now based in L.A. He was a revelation, playing and singing in a variety of styles and really working the audience. Even the sober punters joined in the responses on “What’d I Say” and he gave us great versions of “C’mon Everybody” and “Somethin’ Else”, written by his dad. After problems with the sound system, The Crickets appeared. It was hard drivin’ Holly & Curtis numbers all the way and then getting “famous friends” to take centre stage in turn. Bobby returned to join the guys on “Three Steps to Heaven” and Eddie’s girl friend, Sharon Sheeley, came up to thank her “family” for celebrating Eddie’s memory.

Barry Holley
‘Now Dig This’
The 100% Rock ‘N’ Roll
Monthly magazine.

Review From Blue Suede News
Bobby Cochran is Eddie’s nephew, and we’d heard a bit of his music on an unreleased Kelly Four recording before. Bobby has definitely followed in his uncle’s footsteps, becoming a fine guitar picker, singer, and songwriter, too. In fact he has worked with SteppenwolfThe Flying Burrito BrothersLeon Russell, and Grateful Dead guy Bob Weir (in Bobby & The Midnights), in case you didn’t know.

Eddie’s repertoire is covered here, with “My Way”, “Somethin’ Else” (co-written by Bobby’s father and Sharon Sheely), “Milk Cow Blues” and “Twenty Flight Rock”. A couple of other covers include “Hide Away” and “Honky Tonk”. Eddie’s old manager/songwriting partner Jerry Capehart also was involved, both in production and songwriting. Jerry died a few months ago, so perhaps this is the last glimpse into his ouevre. The last song is one Jerry wrote for Eddie while awaiting his return from England to record his next album, which of course didn’t work out the way we all wish it had. The notes say it would have been Eddie’s next single. That would probably be enough to create interest for many, but the rest of the music is good, too.

Bobby lives in Nashville, and also writes fine country flavored tunes, a couple of which are showcased here. Sadly, he recently lost a daughter to a car wreck. Some families just seem to lose too many of their young people in these tragedies!

More Reviews
Jeff “Skunk” Baxter:        Steely Dan, Doobie Bros.

In response to the “Guitar Player” Magazine review, April 2002, page 136-137.
Way to go!  It’s about time for the world to know what I
know: that you are a great guitarist!Fighting for FreedomJeffrey Baxter

Bob Welch:       Former Guitarist Fleetwood Mac 

Bobby Cochran is a guitarists guitarist, one of the absolute best that’s out there. He deserves more recognition!”

“When I hear Bobby play, it makes me want to turn my own guitar into a coffee table and just listen to HIM !”

After hearing his CD “Private Edition”: “Bobby is a virtuoso, The best guitarist East of …of….of…Anywhere!! ”

Michael Allsup :      Lead guitarist 3 Dog Night

Okay Bobby,

You didn’t ask, but, here it is. I listened to part of your CD at the Denver airport during a layover … and the rest of it here in Las Vegas when we got here. Jimmy Greenspoon was hyping me …”Listen to Bobby’s shit. Nice. Really nice”.

My Review: I LOVED IT. As I knew it would be …… HIDE AWAY was just great. Really great. You’re a genius!! Damn, you smoked it. I couldn’t agree with you more on your liner notes about Freddy King. Basically a WAY UNDER-SUNG guitar hero. You don’t happen to remember other tunes of his called SEN SAY SHUN and San Jose, do you? I used to love those as well. I’m so glad you did HIDE AWAY. All us pickers deserved a chance to hear you play it.

FOR THE FIRST TIME Nice vocal, Bob. Nice tune. Sounds like a hit to me. Who knows? HONKY TONK Now didn’t you have fun with this one? Way cool, Way fun. Same lightnin’ Bobby. Same old smoke. Only thing better than your arrangement and licks were your liner notes. Saxophone players and the key of F. Ain’t it the truth? Had me laughing when I read it. CRUISIN I-40 Great opening teenage Link Ray kinda Riff…… followed by an even greater descending guitar melody line that is absolutely infectious. Again: Your melodicness stands tall. Beautifully done …. way hummable melody on guitar. Cool!

THIS MOMENT WITHOUT YOU This was way different than I’ve heard you play before. Nice compression… and you really made use of it. Guitar sounds like a voice many times. Wonderful. SHOW ME Right down Eddies alley, as I remember him. The lyrics would have been cutting edge controversial at the time. Really nice Rick Derringer type opening riff but being an old basic track man I really enjoyed your rhythm guitar work. The electric rhythm crunch put together with a sort of “power” acoustic rhythm (if there is such a thing). Cool. The big fat open chords on the acoustic gave the electric rhythm guitar a unique texture that it didn’t have on it’s own. Also, the entire feel of the open chording would have been Eddie’s thing to the bone. He MAY IN FACT have had a hit with it had he lived. Maybe you can.

Well, that’s it old buddy. Just want to share my genius with you on some of the stuff that stuck out. Whether you know it or not …. you’ve always been a rock icon to me throughout the years. It sure was fun having you come down to the gig the other night. Thanks for the CD. Makes it more special that you gave it to me personally. Keep the music going old friend.

Fan Mail


What are my favorite tracks on the cd? As of yesterday (my preferences change, with my moods), they are (not necessarily in this order): My Way, Milk Cow Blues, Somethin’ Else, My Blues For Eddie, For The First Time, Show Me, Honky Tonk, This Moment Without You ******** Your description of this is PERFECT!!! I absolutely LOVE it!!!!!! Over all, it’s my favorite! I could (and do) listen to this song over and over again. As strange as this may sound, this song gets to me in the same way as when I hear Rhapsody In Blue. Tears well up in my eyes, every hair stands on end and every nerve in my body is working overtime. It’s SOOOO filled with emotion. Sitting here with tears running down my face, as I’m listening to it. It is VERY rare that a song affects me in this manner but, “This Moment Without You” is at the top of my list. Between your phenomenal guitar playing and the piano, I’m a goner! (whew) :-)))

Rock on!

Hi Bobby,

I hope you are well, I just like to say how much like your PRIVATE EDITION CD. You have got your own style of playing just like Eddie did back in the 50’s. I like so much your version of Honky Tonk and the song, FOR THE FIRST TIME. Back in 92 and 94 I went to the Surf Ballroom to see the Eddie Cochran weekend,it was very good I was disappointed when you was not playing with the Kelly FOUR. I told a fruend you did the EDDIE weekend down at CHIPPENHAM, NR BRISTOL/BATH … we went down to see you play and we enjoyed so much. You signed my EDDIE LP “MY WAY” and we talked for a while. It was nice to meet you and I hope they will another time when we can come and see you play. Take care keep well and hope to see you sometime.

Warm Reagrds,


Thanks for responding to my email. First of all let me say, you are one of my rock n roll heros. Being a Wolfpacker, the music of Steppenwolf has meant a great deal to me over the years. During the early-mid seventies when you were with the band, I personally saw that peroid of the band to be very productive. You were more than just the lead guitarist in The Wolf. You wrote/co-wrote a number of excellent tunes. And for the bands’ 1976 release, John and Jerry pretty well handed over the reins to you and the result in my opinion was the excellent album,”Skullduggery”. I also enjoyed your brief peroid with Bobby & The Midnites. “Too Many Losers”, was a great tune. I picked up a copy of “Private Edition” through The Wolfpack and was totally blown away. I love the various musicial styles it features. “My Way”,”Milk Cow Blues”,”My Blues For Eddie”,”For The First Time”,”Crusin'”,and “Show Me” highlight this fine release. I’m no A&R man but if it was up to me I’d promote “For The First Time”, as a single. That song has the potential to be a new country hit. It is without a doubt one of the best new songs I’ve heard this year. All in all I just can’t say enough good things about “Private Edition”. It is in my top ten favorite picks for 1999.

Best Regards,
Jim D