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History- Bob Weir, Kingfish-Ibanez Allstar Band

Bob Weir and Bobby Cochran Started working together in !978.  They were introduced to each other through Ibanez marketing department.  Bob and Bobby immediately hit it off and started working together in the Bob Weir band.  They also did a stint touring with Matthew Kelly in Kingfish.   Ibanez also introduced Alphonso Johnson and Billy Cobham to Bobby Cochran.  The first time they played together was for the Frankfurt Messe.  Hired to do twelve forty minute sets, there was quite a synergy together.  These Jams really left people talking about the amazing musicianship and inspired moments and they are still being talked about twenty five years later.   They toured  doing clinics together for Ibanez and Tama, in Europe, Japan and the United States.  In 1979, at the NAMM show in Anaheim California, Steve Miller Joined Bob Weir, Billy Cobham, Alphonso Johnson and Bobby Cochran To Debut the Ibanez Tama Allstar Band.  That Summer Bob, Billy, Alphonso and Bobby Played the Atlanta NAMM Show Again as the Ibanez Tama Allstar Band.  After that show Weir approached Bobby to suggest starting a new band with Al and Billy as the rhythm section.  Within months it was a done deal and a new album was soon under way featuring Bob Weir, Billy Cobham, Bobby Cochran, Alphonso Johnson, Brent Mydland and Matthew Kelly, As Bobby & the Midnites. 
History Photos- Bob Weir, Kingfish, Steve Miller, Bobby Cochran

Steve Miller and Bobby Cochran, Ibanez Allstar Band


Bobby Cochran and Matthew Kelly with Kingfish


Bobby Cochran and Matthew Kelly with Kingfish


Bobby Cochran and Matthew Kelly with Kingfish


Bobby Cochran Opening for Kingfish with the Trio featuring Tim Bogert (formerly with Vanilla Fudge, Cactus and Beck Bogert and Appice) on bass, and Greg Errico (Sly and the Family Stone) on Drums.


Bob Weir and Bobby With The Ibanez Allstars


Bob Weir and Bobby With The Ibanez Allstars

Bobby's Ibanez Cowboy Guitars 1 & 2



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