History-Lil Willie G and Thee Midniters

Bobby met Danny LaMont during a session at Advanced Recording Studio in Southgate Ca., 1963  Danny Wanted to move away from home and pursue a career as a Drummer.  Danny was 16 at the time and Bobby was 13.  Bobby and his mom secretly moved Danny out of his house (he was living with his mom) at about 2:00 am While Danny's mom was sleeping.  Danny's Mom was really angry when she realized what had happened.   Danny Moved into the apartment above the recording studio.  Danny then joined Bobby in "Kelly and the Midnighters", a popular Orange County Surf Band.  After several months Danny Started Working with Benny and the Midniters, one of East Los Angeles's hottest up and coming bands .  Eventually Danny talked Bobby into Joining the Band.  What a band!  Benny and The Midniters were one of the most popular bands in The East L.A. area.  They use to pack them in at Saint Alphonsos Auditorium.  The band went through many changes.  There seemed to be some power struggles.  Suddenly Little Willie G left the band.  At that point Lil Ray Jimenez joined to replace Lil Willie G.  Then Willie came back and the band was called Lil Willie and Lil Ray and the Midniters.  Then Ray left and we were Lil Willie G and the Midniters.  Wow.  It was a fantastic time of life.  Six or Seven of us would cram into a little Chevy Corvair and head for rehearsal. 


Lil Willie G and Bobby during battle of the Bands at St. Alphonsos Auditorium

East Los Angeles, against the "Blue Satins".  Approximately 1963 or 1964.


Benny and The Midniters Rehearsal for Battle of the Bands.

Bobby Cochran, Larry Rendone,  Danny LaMont, Benny Cevallos, Richard Cevallos, Lil Willie G.

Bobby Cochran, Jackie DeShannon, at Benny and the Midniters Show.

Benny and The Midniters Rehearsal for Battle of the Bands

Bobby Cochran, Danny LaMont, Larry Rendone, Benny Cevallos, Unknown


Bobby Cochran 13  years old


Danny LaMont on Drums, Bobby on Guitar at Advanced Recording Studio


Below is a photo copy of an article from England, when I was thirteen years old.  I was shocked that everybody wanted to compare me to Eddie at such a young age.  Promoters were trying to get me to tour England after only playing six months or so.  It was very intimidating and just didn't feel right.  During these early years I wanted to develop more of my own style and preferences.  I didn't want our relationship to be all that opened the door for me.  I needed to have some success on my own.  It wasn't until many years later that I was able to publicly embrace our relationship.  For years I didn't allow my relationship to Eddie to be mentioned in my biography, although I was always very proud of that relationship!  Eddie was one of my Greatest influences, and still is!