Bobby's Video Clips   These are being worked on and will be here soon!

Bobby Cochran's "Rock Around The Clock Show"  or  "Rock and Roll Forever Show"

"OPENER "ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK"  Approximately 2.8 minute download

"Janis Joplin Tribute"    Approximately 3.5 minute download

"Tina Tribute"    Approximately 2.5 minute download

"Chain, Chain, Chain"    Approximately 1.5 minute download

"Elvis Tribute"    Approximately 1 minute download     16 second playtime

"Elvis Tribute Comedy"    Approximately 3 minute download    55 second playtime

"Bobby Plays the Blues"

"Motown"    Approximately 4.5 minute download    1:16 second playtime

"Joe Cocker Tribute"    Approximately 2.5 minute download


"Audience Participation"

"Do You Want to Dance/Long Tall Sally"    Approximately 3 minute download    56 second playtime

"Summertime Blues"

"The Platters Tribute"    Approximately 5 minute download    1:28 playtime

"Peter Gunn"


"It's a Gas"  Fingerstyle Acoustic Solo 4:28 playtime


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