Bobby's Music

From "Private Edition"

"My Way"

"This Moment Without You"

"Somethin' Else"

"Milk Cow Blues"


"For the First Time"

"Wrong Kind of Girl"

"Hide Away"

"Just Here Visiting"

"My blues for Eddie"



From "Rock and Country Cuts"

"C'mon Everybody"

"Pink Pegged Slacks"

"Jeannie Jeannie Jeannie"

"Mean When I'm Mad"

"Turn Around Look At Me"

"Summertime Blues"

"Sweet Little Sixteen"

"Little Angel"


From P3 music

"Night Life"


From "Fingerstyle Guitar"

"Kickin' It On the Porch"

"St. Ives"


"Halloween Spooky Sounds"

Halloween Spooky Sounds




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